Pottery by Helen C. Dickey

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Some of My Pots Done in 2022

Orange Flower

Blue Bugs Bowl Test Piece

Pie Dish Painted Brown

Blurry Blue Jesus Blood
--- ---

Serving Bowl

Some of My Pots Done in 2021

-- --

Green Lace
--- ---

Purple Floral Snowflake
--- ---

Some of My Pots Done in 2019 and 2020

Pie dish for a friend---

Grapes Sugar Bowl------ --

Primitive Vase------ --

Abby and Michael Pot------

Plants Dancing Glory to God Vase------ --

Flat steaming bowl for my wok---

Easter vase--- --

Large cup with braids---

My little pie dish---

Fancy pie dish---

Grapes pie dish---

Easter bowl--- --

Little red bowl--- --

Some of My Pots Done Long Before 2019

Cana Water pots---

Insert for my deep fryer/crock pot---

One side of our front stoop---

Other side---

My favorite---

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